After much deliberation as to what software program would best suit our growing business, we finally decided on CMS and from day one we have not looked back. Our staff adjusted quickly to the program, and the speed in which we are now able to enter bookings, schedule jobs and obtain information & reports quickly is a credit to your knowledge and understanding of our very unique industry. As a result, we are now growing at an even more rapid rate than we could have ever predicted.

Greg and Michelle Balla, Horizons West

CMS can deliver real cost savings to your business by reducing time consuming manual administrative tasks associated with bus company management.

CMS improves company systems and processes, which in turn increases the efficiency and reliability of your business. Imagine having real time visibility of your multi-site depots and vehicle fleet!

CMS integrates with your existing fleet tracking and email systems, and provides an accounting system interface for seamless invoicing. Communications can be customised consistent with your professional company image and brand.

Our Solutions


Coach Management System - CMS

CMS is a modular windows desktop application.  Start with the core package and add the modules you require.

CMS is the command centre for your bus and coach business.

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Self service

CMS Kiosk

CMS Kiosk is a dedicated program to enable staff to interact with CMS, providing information for HR to vehicle maintenance.

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CMS Button

CMS Button is a dedicated program to enable drivers to independently view and print their work roster.

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CMS Clock

CMS Clock is a dedicated program to enable staff to clock on and off.  Add a custom clock-on declaration prior to the start of each day.

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App stores

CMS Mobile

CMS Mobile is a mobile application only accessible to drivers to enhance driver-operations communication.

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CMS Client

CMS Client is a Windows Store application for your important clients to run on their Windows 10 desktop, linking them directly to your system.

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CMS Public

CMS Public is a mobile application for your existing and potential customers, linking you directly to your customers.

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Australian made

Our Coach Management System (CMS) is specifically tailored for Australian industry needs, and is successfully used by bus operators across Australia to streamline their business processes and deliver cost savings.

Great for small to enterprise

CMS helps your business operate more efficiently and reliably. It provides a wide range of tools to benefit bus and coach company management and can be easily customised to suit most logistics applications.